It’s time to see yourself in FORBES!

Start getting the credibility you deserve, no matter your audience size, so you can become the GO-TO in your industry!

Are you ready to be perceived as your industry's EXPERT!?


- You're spread too thin

- Don’t know where to start

- Feel your audience is too small

- Want expert hands on your biz

-You feel PR agencies just try to put you anywhere and don’t care about your biz.


→ Feeling burnt out by the thought of adding something new to your To-Do list and this thing might push over the edge.

→ You’re unsure what PR can do for you, so you just wrote it off as something you don’t need.

→ You feel your audience to too small and no one will want to feature/interview you.

→ You want an expert to look at your biz and make sure everything is set up for PR success.

→ You don’t want an agency to look at you like just a business to put on a random publication. 

(I won’t do that. We’re not a big agency that is focused on numbers. We focus on getting YOU on the RIGHT publications and podcasts that fit your business, your target audience, and your goals!)



*This won’t break the budget to build the credibility and brand awareness you need and want for your business*


*You are spread too thin already and this is a big boat to add to your day, so we will take it step by step and show you the best ways to implement*


*You want the EXPERT level hands on your business helping you craft your pitches, finding the blind spots of what’s not working, tracking your results*


*Getting you in front of the RIGHT press, the RIGHT audiences to get you to the next level*


*Results-driven - YOU WILL get published/featured/interviewed if you implement these practices*


*You will have a PR person in your pocket*


*You can ensure you are set up for PR success*

Let's Talk Details....


  • 1-90 Minute Deep Dive Strategy Session - discussing target audience, brand message, brand cohesiveness, current reach, what makes your audience pay attention, your industry trends so that you can feel prepared and confident in your journey to PR.

  • Help with any launches for PR goals to ensure you are marketing the best resources, getting features to talk about your new offer/book/program.

  • Creation plan made for you of your dream list contact/publications/podcasts/brands etc so we are connecting with the proper resources to get you publicity.

  • HARO Walkthrough to find and pitch opportunities so you don't have to do this alone.

  • Teaching you pitch templates/pitch stories for your niche so that you can write with confidence that they will be seen!

  • Audience building coaching so that you can grow a community of your target clients!

  • Teaching YOU to pitch yourself and coaching you through it so you can go off into the world like a pitching pro!

  • Content help/Captions & Blogs for your niche to be sure your content is doing the work for you.

  • Telegram Access for ongoing coaching support that way you can ask any questions you have or have a pitch reviewed before you send.

  • Bi-Weekly/Monthly Calls to check in on who you are pitching, any wins, successes, what shifts to make in your pitches so we know you will get the results you desire.

  • Monthly Q&A Group Calls to get you extra support where you need it.

  • Become the GO TO so you can have clients lining up down the block to work with you and build that authority.

  • VIP Facebook Lounge so we can hang out ALL the time!

  • BONUSES: Additional 60 Minute Call for Pay In Full Clients (Value $497)

  • BONUS FOR ALL CLIENTS: Spiritual Gifts Workbook (Value $37), Free Copy of My Self-Published Devotional (Value $25), Trello Goals & Business Management Board (Value $97), Full List of Publications That Accept Submissions w/ Editor Contact Info ($500)


"Chantal has been instrumental in getting my IV Hydration business up and running in a short time. First, she created a fantastically beautiful and functional website adhering to my specific needs and color palette. She has been very responsive throughout the process and tolerates my neediness and lack of technical savvy! She turned it around in a short amount of time allowing me to open my business on time and with appointments booked before I even opened! Chantal also created and maintains my social media pages, as well as, creating my print media and business cards.  She’s always coming up with new ways to improve traffic to my social media pages and website and is truly interested in my success.  I have been very fortunate to have her as my marketing partner and I highly recommend her services, not only in the marketing area but any service she provides.  She is authentic, professional, and dedicated. Thank you for all you do Chantal!

-Tina V.

If the work is implemented, and the pitches are optimized, you WILL get features. You will see success with this. 

5 Monthly Payments of $650 / 3 Monthly Payments of $1000



Why cant I do it all myself? 

You totally CAN! This program teaches you how. Saving you time and research efforts so you can just dive in and get started!

I can’t afford it?

I'd love to help find a payment plan that works for you and help you find a way to be able to afford it. We offer a few options to make this program affordable for you!


What if I don’t have success?

If the work is implemented, and the pitches are optimized, you WILL get features. You will see success with this. It is not an overnight process, but one that can be worked right into your marketing plan.


This is not for you if you are:

→ Looking for someone to do the outreach for you. I have limited spots for DONE-FOR-YOU PR services. Ask about avail!

 (CONTACT ME about this.)

→ You are confident in your level of business and getting features on your own.

→ You are easily stressed by deadlines.