3 Things To Do Before Hiring A PR Expert


*(and 1 thing NOT to do)*

There are a few things you will need to have in place before you can fully work with a PR pro for your business. It will save everyone time in the long run and help maximize your results.

1️⃣Be clear on who your target audience/ICA is. Know this to your core!

2️⃣ Build your platform. Be visible. Whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

3️⃣ Start growing your audience and engaging more.

✨The 1 thing NOT to do: WAIT till you grow your audience. ❌ Do not wait. Your audience size does not measure your PR successes. Don’t give yourself the belief that you need to “WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE A LARGER AUDIENCE.”

🤩It’s not necessary. I have clients who have landed in Forbes with only a few thousand combined followers across multiple platforms. It’s possible for you as well.

So which of these 3 things are you going to work on? COMMENT BELOW! If you have done all 3 of these, DM ME “READY!” I want to celebrate you!

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