I see you. Trying to build awareness around your business.

👀I see you, friend. Busy female entrepreneur. You feel like you are trying to build awareness around your business, build that credibility. Make yourself a thought leader of your industry. But you feel like you are getting nowhere. Maybe you have started your own outreach and are trying to find those opportunities, but you are hearing crickets. 🦗

👉🏼There are a few things that can be happening here, and that’s what I am here to help uncover.

❌There can be a lack of clarity or cohesiveness in your brand and ICA messaging and marketing.

❌Your pitches are not optimized to the best that they can be. This is an ever-changing practice and takes a LOT of time to get the hang of if you are just starting out. I will be 100% honest with you about that.

❌And finally, it may just be that the opportunities are just not a fit for you and your target audience or your goals. You may not be connecting with the RIGHT people.

✅GOOD NEWS! My goal when I work with my clients is to not just put you into a pool of pitches. But to rather leverage the RIGHT media for you and your business. This will help you stand out, this will help the person on the other side of that pitch email to see the connection to YOU and that media outlet or opportunity.

🤩They won’t hesitate to say “YESSSSS WE WANT YOU!” Because it will just be super clear that you are a good fit!

This is not to say that you won’t hear “No” from time to time. It's inevitable and I'm not here to sugarcoat it and say you will get every opportunity you pitch with our help. But we do our best to create aligned media lists and contacts and opportunities that will match your target audience and your business goals. ZERO TIME WASTED on all counts.

🙌🏻How does that sound to you? DM me the word “MEDIA” to chat about what it would like to work together and build your personalized and aligned PR plan!

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