What do I even do? Working with me 1 on 1

What do I do as a coach?! There are a lot of misconceptions around this industry. Coaching, consulting, therapy, these are all different. And just because you do one, doesn’t mean you do another. I want to get super clear on what I do and how I can help you.. My 1:1 coaching spots are OPEN, but I want to make sure before you inquire, you know what it is we’d be doing.

To clarify: I’m not a therapist, though I listen to you, and we get super clear on your needs and goals to understand where you need to be coached the most.

I don’t tell you what to do, or give you the answers. Yes there are some things I obviously guide you on & give you resources on to make your life easier. I teach you and give you the tools and resources to make the changes manageable.

So what DO I do? I help you find the answers within yourself. I coach you to make the changes you want so you can see the results you want in your life and health.

I guide you to uncover unhealthy negative beliefs holding you back. I hold you accountable. I pray for you and guide you, but YOU have to do the work if you want to see results. I help you incorporate healthy lifestyle choices to build more confidence and self-love, and heal things like fatigue, chronic headaches and illness. I’ve been trained, and educated in many ways to help you with this. But my passion lies in helping you live the life you desire, empowering you, getting you unstuck, and healing your mind, body, & soul.

If you work with me, and do the work, make the changes and shifts, there’s no reason you shouldn’t see results happen. I believe so deeply in inner work being a priority first, because I’ve seen so many incredible things happen by healing my own negative beliefs. I want YOU to experience the same.

So if you are ready to make this happen in your life, then its worth us having a conversation. DM me or visit my website to book a call!