Why Does Your Mindset Matter?

Why is the mindset work so important? What does it even mean to “reframe your mindset”? How do I change my thoughts to be more positive?

These are great questions. Confession time. I was always a positive person, on the outside. I could change anyone’s day with my positive energy. I smiled and laughed a LOT. People would ask me if I ever stopped smiling, like it was a bad thing, haha.. But inside, I was about as negative as they come. Don’t get me wrong, I was genuine in sharing the positive vibes with others, and sincere in helping them through rough moments, or encouraging them. I guess I’ve always had that passion inside of me. But to myself, and my own thoughts, the inner mean girl was real. Nothing was ever good enough for myself. I was a perfectionist. I was chasing perfect in so many ways. Looking for approval, but from the wrong people and in wrong ways. Wrong for me, anyway.

The truth is, I decided to give myself permission to NOT be perfect.

I started journaling a lot, and sharing my thoughts. I would celebrate blessings and write down the good moments, and sometimes the bad. But God helped reframe my mindset so I could overcome my inner mean girl. And it changed me. In an amazing way, it changed me. While this is still a work in progress for myself, I have come a long way!

You can't expect to change your business or your life if you don't work on your inner self first. It just won't stick. If you don’t work on your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and reframe your mindset to allow yourself to grow and accept that you are worthy of everything you want in life, you will stay right where you are.

I know you don’t want that sister, that’s why you are reading this. Looking for the way. I’m here to show you the way. Have you booked a free call yet so we can talk about it?!