Perception vs. Reality:The Shocking Truth


Are you pre-judging your life based on past results?

We all tend to bring personal bias into most situations we encounter in our lives.

Our perception, however, is rarely the truth.

How often do you wake up, and pre-judge or pre-label your day based on previous results? For example, we label it a bad day if we spill our coffee, the cat makes a big mess, and we’re late for our first meeting of the day.

Is it a bad day? NO! It’s a moment that was tough, but the whole day doesn’t need to be labeled “bad”. Right?

So I challenge you next time you jump to label your whole day as a “bad day”, think about why. What are the reasons? Write them down and then really decide are they worth writing off the whole day? I guarantee most of those reasons will seem silly when you see them on paper.

Go share your positive energy with the world around you, friends!