The Compelling Truth Behind "THE NICHE"

Niche. This word is such a pest sometimes. Everyone tells us to niche down in our business. Niche. Niche. Niche. What they don’t tell you is you don’t have to feel married to your niche.

Guess what? You’ll grow, and so will your niche. Venturing into the coaching industry over the past year, I myself have grown and pivoted a LOT. I’ve at times felt bad because I want to be clear on who I serve, what I do. But I’ve decided recently to give myself permission.

Giving myself permission to grow, and pivot, and find my soul-aligned niche. God has opened my eyes to a lot over the time I’ve gotten my certifications and done TONS of training. And sometimes when we search so hard for “our purpose” we don’t realize that it’s right in our faces. We are living it inside of ourselves, every dang day.

What hasn’t changed, over all these years, the truth behind my purpose. I want to help women, I want to empower women, I want to help you see that you were #madeformore and that #youarecapable .

I want to help you see that your dreams are worth chasing and help you become the best version of yourself starting with the inside and working its way out.

So here I am. Your coach. Your friend. Your sister. Here for you. Opening space for you.